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Active Social Media

Dreadsock® Ambassadors will be leverage social media to advocate for pushes to our store! Stay connected where we can help you! We intend on supporting the success of every Ambassador!


Active Email

Hey Dreadsock® Ambassadors! Stay in touch with us. Keep an active email for correspondence. We handle the platform, logistics, digital maintenance and delivery. This is a small ask for a great reward!

Customized Promocode


Discounts For Every Customers!

A Customer will use your promocode and be rewarded with a discount for their entire Dreadsock® cart


At least 10% Paid to You!

Thank you for your advocacy! As soon as you join, we will submit at least 10% of every sell to you in a form of a bi-weekly stipend! Incentives are offered for true Dreadsockians! Share the vison? We'll share the love and share the wealth! Sign up now!

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