Small Dreadsock

What?: A multi-material blended cover that retains moisture, stays on your head at night (signature elastic band), and during intense daily activity. Dreadsocks are fashionable and functional for the lock community.


  • Recommended for ear to shoulder hair length
  • Dreadsock is committed to eliminating bedhead, lock in moisture, fight frizz, and distributes your hair’s natural healthy oils.
  • Helps preserve hairstyles, saving you time in the morning and fewer trips to the salon.
  • The signature elastic band ensures a comfy fit that will stay on all night – even for the wildest sleepers.
  • Dreadsock’s delicate feel protects your cuticles and creates the optimal environment for hair growth

Need to know: Works for all hairstyles, wash with delicates and dry on low to medium heat, one size fits most.




Protect your hair with our exclusive line of apparel designed and created to make hair growth, care, and maintenance easier than ever before.

Additional information

Weight .13 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × .6 in

2 reviews for Small Dreadsock

  1. Salif Hidone

    Amazing Product, Great Fit, Long Lasting!

  2. April (verified owner)

    I love these caps. My locs are past my shoulders and I often have them double twisted. This keeps them comfortable and makes them less heavy. I sleep in it as well and it’s super comfortable and doesn’t move through the night. I’ve ordered 1 and will order 2 more tonight. Great product.

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